Let everything that hath breath praise the LORD. Praise ye the LORD!

Psalm 150:6

About The Author


My name is Victoria.

My eyes and hair are brown.
I like the color yellow
and try to never wear a frown.
I also like purple,
and blue and pink (of course)
I love all kinds of animals
but my favorite is the horse.
I like all things girlie,
like dresses, bows and curls.
(Maybe that is due to the fact
that at my house there are only girls.)
I have a dog named Nina,
and chocolate's my favorite flavor.
I am a child of the King,
and I love my LORD and Savior.
God saved my life from sin
and He lives within my heart.
All I do is for His glory,
from my studies to my art.
Another thing about me,
which is super duper cool,
Is the very awesome fact
that I do not go to school!
I believe in education,
NOT in government schooling.
I don't need school to learn!
Who do they think they'er fooling?!
Another fun fact about me,
is that I simply love to dream,
and please remember that most often,
I'm not (quite) as crazy as I seem.
I flatter myself in thinking
that I can be pretty funny.
And though I like the rain,
I prefer it to be sunny.
I like to read good books,
and I like to write (as you can see)
And that, my friend, is how I would describe me!

I am currently 16 and I write poems stories, songs, and do all kinds of art.
I hope you enjoy viewing my art as much as I enjoy making it.

(If I post anything that does not belong to me, I will give credit to the owner)

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