Let everything that hath breath praise the LORD. Praise ye the LORD!

Psalm 150:6

My Girls

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A daydreamer. Yes, that is all that I am and nothing more.
Hopelessly lost in a world of no return. I've no friends but my imaginings.
For here at the orphanage, none care for friendship, being too busy with their own woes.
My only enemies are my legs. Confounded things! The things despise me with a vengeance.
Always ready to make me look like a fool. How the twist, and tangle, and entertwine,
when'ere I feel someone looking! So I hide... Yes, I hide. 
And make myself most disagreeable when others are around, so that no one cares to come near me
and leave me alone with my daydreams and do not bother me.
Aye! It sounds foolish I know! But it is fear! It is fear that binds me! Fear of loving again!
As I once loved my dear dear departed family. 
Ah! but how this heart within me longs for friendship, for affection, to love and be loved!
by Victoria
age 14


I have dark blue eyes and a song in my head... Always a song in my head. Big eyes and that irresistible little-girl cuteness. A book in my arms that never leaves, soft golden curls that frame my face like the silken petals of a yellow rose.A laugh, that, if you hear, will make you laugh too.That's what people must think of me. Or what do they think of me? Probably they don't think of me at all, because normally I am huddled in  an out-of-the-way corner reading a book that I  like, not that I have to read for school, while everyone else is running and screaming and playing. I like being me and I'm not going to let anyone change that, no matter who they are. 
by Natasha 
age 12



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